"As my Soul reaches Infinity" - demo tape

Tears of a sad Spirit
Never-ending Night
In Demise


"Beheaded and Sanctified - Live in Saint Denis" - live album

Romantic Infinity
In Melancholy I drown
Divine Passion



"Wide open Arms" - compilation

A gruesome Harmony
My perishing Faith
Wide open Arms



"Supreme Funeral Oration" - CD album

Once in the Hole
Serenity in Darkness

Stellar ways to the Everliving
Moonlight Suicide





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Tears of a sad Spirit
Music : Loudin / Despond
Lyrics : Loudin

 My tears flow down on the frozen ground
Taken by the wind, in eternal frost

May the ancients hear my cries
The screams of a forlorn mind
Sadness in my eyes
I'm here left to die

My soul is eternally filled with sorrow
Surrounded by shadows in this place of despair
Screams of passion sound inside me
As I roam, slowly and sadly...

Winds of winter take my body
To the top of my passion

Through the fires of my burning heart
I implore the love of my bride
Please hear the voice I keep within
Sweet darling of mine

My heart bleeds, my soul is dying
Cursed in my solitude

I'm now doomed to crawl in the halls of sadness

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Neverending Night
Music : Loudin
Lyrics : Loudin

 I'm standing alone in the dark eternity
The chaos is growing larger around me
The world is freezing as the sun has failed
Nothing left but cold darkness

The night falls slowly above me
Frozen winds float in the lightless sky
An atmosphere of strange insanity
As I see angels flying next to me

The earth is cold
As the sky turns black
Visions of decease through my wet eyes

Landscapes of sadness, shapes of desolation
As happiness fades down my destiny comes to me
Streams of sorrow flow down on my face
My life is ending in intense sadness

Desolate I remember my mournful life
I'm filled with sorrow, filled with pain
Lost in this path of despair
The darkest shadows
They come to chase me
They come to take me

Nobody will hear my cries
Nobody can feel the despair that fills me
The time has come for me to enter eternal chaos
To dive into the dark...
The neverending night is taking me...away

 Mighty lord...save my soul
I don't want to die

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In Demise
Music : Loudin
Lyrics : Loudin

 Cold and scared I stand in this dark place
Frozen in this endless eternity

 I lose myself in endless dreams
Where lightless shapes flow silently
The sadest death in front of me
In an icecold breath it's calling me

I cry, I'm lost
Forgotten in my tomb

The frozen night takes my soul
Sinister sight all around
Dark completion of my doom
An icy shroud covers me now

The coldest darkness freezes my bones
Alone in my pain, eternally forlorn

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In Melancholy I drown
Music : Loudin
Lyrics : Loudin

  Sorrow reigns in the deepest of my soul
Injured and sad, I can't stand this torture
Such lovely grace, now only a dying shade
Banished with regrets, as she's gone away from me
Can't you see my bleeding tears, they're ripping my face apart
I suffer your demise, the fall of my angel

Lost in my tears, I feel lonely
So far away from you honey
Passion burns in me, forever my heart bleeds
Sugar can't you see the despair that I feel

I miss you so
I still live in your dreams
I want to die
Oh darling rejoin me in the eternity

 Enchanting beauty when you cry, come to me
Despondency filling your eyes, stay with me
But you know that I have to leave, I cannot believe
Just swear you'll never forget me, do not leave me
Sweet visions of beauty, remembrance of your lips
I can not accept this tragedy, oh darling stay with me

 I miss you so...

 Is love stronger than decease ?
Will you be forever in my dreams ?
I'm so sad, falling on my knees
As warm tears are flowing in the breeze

My only love, lady of my dreams
I feel so lonely without thee
Your beauty still dwells in my eyes
Let me join your infinity

 A light will spring, a light full of shine
She is one with the night
And I know I 'll soon be at her side

Her tender eyes, empires of night
Where have they gone ? sweet seas of black
So lonely I am now, forsaken as I mourn
Distress and tears, all I want is to die

A shade in the sky, the angel of grace
Oh darling take me as the king of your realm

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Romantic Infinity
Music : Favard
Lyrics : Loudin

Burning passion, erotic embracing
Our love is infinite
It carries my heart to everlasting ecstasy
We are bound eternally

As the precious night takes our souls in the dark
We drown in love, in the waves of desire
Winds of pleasure caress your tender skin
Together dancing on romantic melodies

Enchanting muse, let me dive into your eyes
Take my hand, fly with me up to the stars
Forget yourself to my bosom
As I hold you in my arms
Sweetheart bless my desire
May this romance never die

Burning passion...

In endless delight we will glide forever free
Tied in rapture, towards the moon we will spread our wings
Winds of pleasure will caress our embraced skins
Together dreaming in a romantic infinity

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Divine Passion
Music : Maurice
Lyrics : Loudin

 Bewitching, mistress of my desire
Aspire me to your chest, the cradle of delight
I drown in her perfume, diving into her eyes
Her whole being enfolds me in eternal yearning
Let me give you my love into your heart
The vital fluid of my passion

Her white skin, velvety, so tender
Slowly it slides under the caress of my lips

Tonight the rose is black, in full bloom, majestic
A petal flies away, taken in the twilight

 The flower stands before me now, it slowly aspires me
Inviting me into its realm of beauty

Is she the one who dwells in my dreams ?
Is she the one for whom I live and die ?
Is she the one for whom I give my heart ?
Is she the one for whom I give my blood ?

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A gruesome Harmony
Music : Tomaïer
Lyrics : Loudin

Cold I cry, my world dies inside
Will I escape this doom in which I lie ?

No, I am a part of this tragedy
My soul is fading away in a December night
Lost dreams float in a breath of misery
Letting the twilight fall in

Bloody rains in the dusky air
The frozen spawns of my demise
Hope drowns in a sea of tears
Buried in the sand of time

As the winter freezes my blood
I cannot see the light anymore
Forever cold I fall
In a gruesome harmony

Memories and emotions fade
The passion for the beloved shade
They vanish as emptiness impregnates the dying heart

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My perishing Faith
Music : Favard
Lyrics : Loudin

 We believed our faith was the key
All our idols real and clear

Perishing faith

Ashamed I hide myself, oceans bleed on my tearful cheeks
Joy falls through the skies of my grief
Pain does not seem to dim
I cannot believe god will prevent me from crying
The lord I used to cherish so deeply, so deeply

Naught !
Why have you forsaken me ?
Lord of lies I renounce thee

Eternal void is all I see, forever damned I am doomed to be

Mourning shines in my eyes, as I cross the gate of grief
Emptiness is taking me, guilty of sins I cannot deny
Darkness is my shroud of frost, alone and afraid I cry
Without god we shall perish, christianity was a lie

Perishing faith

Eternal void is all we see, forever damned we are doomed to be

Mourning shines in my eyes, as I cross the gate of night
Emptiness is taking me, guilty of sins I cannot deny
Darkness is my shroud of frost, alone and afraid I cry
Without god we shall perish, christianity was a lie

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Wide open Arms
Music : Favard
Lyrics : Loudin

 She stands on the hill, so lonely
Falling down on her knees, wide open arms
Longing for desperately a gods sign

 Alone in the dark beyond these freezing skies, she is crying
The moon gives its light off piercing centenary trees, so bright
Ice-cold winds slash her naked body, so young

 The forced loss of innocence hurts so hard inside
Lost in her grief, filth of mankind

Far from above her head she feels divine entities
Sarcastic whispers come to her ears, laughing at her feeble story

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Music : Loudin
Lyrics : Loudin

The stream has flowed in the veils of dawn
Gorging the land, covering the air
Lightning high, whispers and dreams will fly

Sorrowfilled, the breath of night
Her darkest skies have captured me

And then I’ll lay under the storm

Far above, yet so close

Filling the ethereal swamps
The mist falls down

And gets lost in this immaterial sight

The wish to glide within the fog
The day will break in the end of times

Under the sunset, rains cherish my pains


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Once in the hole
Music : Loudin
Lyrics : Loudin

Despair burns me, silent
Night leaves all dormant
My light fades down in dusk
The eyes bleed, as I cease

Cold are these haunting walls
This dark frost, infinity of night

Silence and fears again
Gone insane

Never lived, never felt
Only grief
In a vault where silence reigns

Will resound a pounding drone

For the hope of precious dawn
Felt down for a single sin

Oration, tears and shades

Shrouding me

Crawling in this hole, in reek and stench


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Serenity in Darkness
Music : Loudin
Lyrics : Loudin

Cold winds will rip my skin
In my dreams rules the dim unseen
Dead and silent is my entity
In deep dark wells is where I must dwell

Scenes of sorrow and dismal haze, no light
This nothingness I embrace, as I feel its scorn
Brought down, the eyes cry of desperance

Tearing my face apart in a trance

The infinity of my dreams of light, penetrating me
O’ Night Queen, she descends in obscurity

This grand nightfall, this grand extinction of my life

Infinity… Infinity… Infinity
A dream of a light
Leaves me alone, leaves me empty
Sorrow is born, in silence to drown

Grim ghosts reach me, draining all hope out from me

Lost in twilight and eternity
I will never rest in peace

No one dwells in this dormant field
Gods are gone, sealing my end

Slowly vanish the dim lights


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Stellar ways to the everliving
Music : Loudin
Lyrics : Loudin

Stars, gloomy trails, O darkened grace
My funeral empire, I gaze at your eternity

Night’s freezing breath, O darkened shade

I’m slowly mesmerized, and join your spiritual grave

Through stellar ways, I’ll rise and reign
My sinister realm of endless frost and darkness

Obscured is the land that surrounds the dead
Dark ghosts dance in the coldest skies
In these dark lights

The river shrouds sick and frozen souls in a grey dance
Never ending

Cold, is the everdark of the globes that rise
In their ancient spheres

Attraction from the gleam of the dome ablaze
And the ones in the graves from the deepest of the shadowed stars

To rise in the globes of dreams
For we never shall relapse from this darkened trance

Children of Frost

Mournful veils of astral reign supreme
Stardust is the path to take
Beyond my mourning
Silence, the ultimate sound
Come for me, in me
Come precious nightfall


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Music : Loudin
Lyrics : Loudin

Life of light from beyond
Destiny fades down, cold mourning life
Destiny fades down, cold drowning life
Eternity reigns in a black light
Soul, open wide, grief spreads
Then fills inside, deep in my mind
From this cold lair, night calls my name
Oversight, my dreams will flow and drain
I will touch the void
And drown solitary... in twilight

Downward to this forgotten soil of tears
I will die and end this existence of grief
Let me bleed for one last time
One trail of dreams inside
My skin is cold as stone in twilight
Of this ground I will taste and feel
Unhallowed and sad taste

A solitary fall in a trance
The dawn, a torture for my soul which dies in pain
Life is gone as love is dead


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Moonlight Suicide
Music : Loudin
Lyrics : Loudin

Astral gaze, mesmerized
Unseen frozen grace captures the soul
Winds and storms
Unleashed beauties of the night 
Eternity shines in the dark

Lightnings tear clouds apart
Opening the vast domain
Cold lights, the essence of night
Lights open my eternity

Farewell, as I die
Veins filled with fluids of grief
Somber chants of lunacy
... of demise

My shades merge with a blurred vision
From far above
Palace of sorrow
In eternity I will lie

Now my soul is gone